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      1. 年輕不止一種標簽 不單調的青春才有范兒


        來源:http://www.theeggsperts.com/ 日期:2019-07-02 發布人:admin

          The Chinese New Year's table must have fish, which means more than one year in a year and more in a good time. When I was young, my house was very small. Apart from the bed, there was very little space left in the house. Every Spring Festival, my parents began to prepare New Year's dishes. They were fried, stewed and steamed. They worked very late every day and went to work the next day. At that time, I was too young to be able to help like my brother and sister. I just lay on the bed and watched them. I'm so excited to be busy living. I can't leave when I don't usually stay at home. Watching them cut meat, kill chickens, pick up fish, steamed bean stuffing steamed bread happy, I count down the time between New Year's Day every day. Even now writing this recipe has put me in a wonderful memory. Our custom here is that we must eat fish for lunch on New Year's Day, which means that we have more than one year's wealth.
          Today, I made a Sichuan-flavored bean fish to introduce to you. Originally, this fish is grass carp or carp. Pixian soybean sauce can better remove the earthy smell. I made it into bean sauce fish with sole fish. It stewed slowly in small fire and tasted delicious, delicious and spicy, red and bright in color. It means red fire in a year, and the taste is more delicious."
          The sole tore off the black side and scraped off the scales on the other side to remove the intestines and gills.
          Cleaning section
          When the pan is heated, pour the oil, dip the sole fish with a little flour, pat the outside flour, and put it into the 67% hot oil pan.
          Fry until golden brown on both sides.
          In a small bowl, pour 35g vinegar and 20g fresh June soy sauce and 1 spoonful white wine.
          Pixian Douchi 1 tablespoon chopped into a frying pan and fried with red oil.
          Stir-fry onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant. Pour in soy sauce and vinegar juice.
          Then pour in half a bowl of clear water.
          Place the fried fish in a pot and add sugar, pepper and anise.
          Look at the amount of water, add it to the height just before the fish, turn the fire to a low heat and simmer slowly until the soup is less, the fish can turn off the fire once tasted.
          Cooking Skills
          Because Pixian Douchi was added, the fish did not need to be salted, or tasted salty and salty.
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